Financial Support – Graham Littler Fund

ERME Regulations for the Graham Littler Fund
allowing financial support for the participation at CERME conferences


General Information about the Graham Littler Fund

The Graham Littler fund for financial support was established to support academics from underrepresented or economically weak countries in attending the bi-annual CERME conferences. The spirit of the fund is to help academics who would normally have limited access to CERME.

According to these ideas, the funds will be distributed according to the following order of preferences:

  1. applicants from under-represented, non-affluent European countries (East and Central Europe);
  2. applicants from under-represented, non-affluent neighboring countries to Europe (e.g. Syria, Egypt);
  3. applicants from under-represented countries working in an affluent European country without full-time position (e.g. PhD-student from India working in Sweden)
  4. applicants from other European countries (e.g. PhD-students from Spain). 

Non-European citizens working temporarily in Europe count as Europeans. European citizens working elsewhere will keep eligibility. 

Please note that master students are not eligible for the Graham Littler fund.

Financial support from the Funds will be granted to those applicants – having few opportunities to receive other support  – with a submitted research paper for a CERME Working Group that has been accepted in the reviewing process (in special cases an accepted poster for presentation could be a prerequisite for granting support).

Applicants can download the application form from the CERME conference homepage and send it to Andreas Eichler, the responsible ERME board member (

The strict deadline for the application is September, 15, 2021.

  • The reference of the email with the application should be:
    GLF, Name, Country of residence (e.g. GLF, Novak, Slovenia)
  • The name of the file with the application should be:
    Name_CountryOfResidence (e.g. Novak_Slovenia)

The application must be submitted at the same date as the submission of papers and posters. The deadline is considered strictly.

The number and size of grants will depend on the amount of money available to the Fund in a particular year as well as on the number of applications. Grants in the last years varied between 160 € and 540 €. The decisions will be taken by ERME-board members.